Storytelling with Bernie Ooley

As artisans, you follow in the great tradition of storytelling. - a truly divine calling, as Jesus was and is the greatest storyteller of all time!

And He continues to tell His story through you, as you produce the very best of reality shows….your own journey. Never underestimate the fact that you are taking people somewhere through the journey of your own life. II Cor. 3:2 & 3 tells us that we are a letter seen and read of all men, living epistles, if you will. Jesus let us know that as believers and carriers of His presence we are called to be a light set on a lamp stand, not to be obscured. We are meant to be on display as a city on a hill, and putting on a show….not only through the  performance of a work of fiction (as powerful as that can be), but through a demonstration of His goodness and mercy. In every season.

In this particular season, the BCA students have the tremendous privilege to be trained in a conservatory. By definition, a conservatory is a greenhouse, a place of intense cultivation, designed to facilitate healthy and accelerated growth. I used to oversee a greenhouse as a college student years ago. My responsibility was to insure high quality nutrition, the right amount of water, an ideal environment, and maximum light for the plants under my care. What an apt metaphor for this year perhaps even in your life! In a greenhouse, the focused nurturing is geared towards successful transplant and flourishing in the outside world, In your case, a flourishing destined to bring transformation to that world.  

A greenhouse is made of glass or another transparent, durable material. It allows light in, but it’s contents are also visible to everyone around it. Believe it or not, like it or not, you’re already on the stage. What you learn now you will bring to your craft and your characters in the future… layered empathy, experience and emotion. But make no mistake, the show has already started. Your life is a letter and your courage and choices are a prophetic act. This show of His goodness and mercy already has an audience -family, friends, fellow students, those who encourage you. And even your doubters and detractors.

Every season is important. As I talk with students over the last 20 years at BSSM, I find that so many are waiting to live, waiting to start their destinies. “When I graduate, when I get married, when I get that opportunity…etc.” The truth is, there are opportunities that you have right now that you may not have later. People you know now that you may not in the future. . Ps. 84:5 in the Message Bible reads, “And how blessed are those in whom you live, whose lives become the roads you travel.” This paraphrase unpacks the truth that as much as He leads us, we also take Him places everyday. As we follow our passions, interests and even our seemingly mundane responsibilities, we give Him opportunity to manifest His presence in the least likely of places and in unexpected ways, reaching people who otherwise may never have been encountered.

How do we tell our story well? Dig roots deep in Him, and be as transparent as that greenhouse. Your storyline will have authority because it’s authentic when it stems from a hidden life with God that manifests in a supernaturally natural outflow of life. Know that your life is significant now. Value who you are today, as well as who you are becoming. Your process is prophetic, even the mistakes and failings. He redeems it all. Recognize and respect the anointing of those around you. Draw from them. Celebrate them. You’re not here in this place at this point in history by accident or happenstance. Drink in and live in this moment to the fullest.  

Your audience is waiting for His unique story displayed through you. Today.

Bernie Ooley is a Pastor and Bible Teacher at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Bernie Ooley is a Pastor and Bible Teacher at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry