Bethel Conservatory of the Arts exists to train and equip professional artists--creative revivalists who release God’s Kingdom through story, movement, and emotion. Through our Spirit-filled teachers, curriculum, and environment, we will equip a generation of bold and strong storytellers who partner with the Presence as they train and perform. Our approach is threefold:



Partnered with Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, we equip actors and dancers to create from their identity, not for it. Our goal is to raise up storytellers-artists who align with Heaven as living, moving expressions of the Kingdom.


Excellence isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. Engaging our craft through traditional and experimental techniques inspired by the Holy Spirit, we create a safe space for students to take risks and grow in God’s Presence.



Our artists perform to transform. Building on a foundation of secure identity and excellence in technique, we equip actors and dancers to extend the Kingdom of God beyond the studio and stage and into the world.


Core Values

All of our faculty are members of Bethel Redding, and we share the the following pillars of belief:


God is Good

God is good, so we're required to dream big.

Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible, so a huge part of our life is designed around taking risk.

We are Free & Responsible

Everything we'll ever need was dealt with at the cross, so we must come to a place of trusting Him in everything.

We are Significant

God has made us each to be significant, so we must serve well.

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