Year 1 - Wisdom


Foundation in Identity

And God has filled Bezalel with wisdom...

“Wisdom is a powerful creative force that every person alive needs. No one who discovers who God has made him or her to be would want to be anyone else.” -The Power That Changes The World, Bill Johnson

BSSM Redding is an incredible journey in finding out who you are and who God says you are.  We believe that performing from identity, not for identity is the key to a healthy and sustainable career in the arts, and this is foundational at BSSM Redding.

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Year 2 - Understanding


Understanding The Presence

After graduating BSSM Redding, you will explore the foundational principles of what it means to partner with God in the craft of acting. Beginning with The Dream Circle, a technique created by BCA faculty, you will experience the joy and freedom of partnering with the Holy Spirit in all our exercises.  The Dream Circle is a defined space where you can take risks without fear of judgment and failure. 

We will teach you techniques in voice, movement, improvisation, character work and scene study along with exercises that help sharpen your senses, instincts, and imagination. Ensemble and connection work is also a big part of the BCA training--you will learn to focus as one rather than individuals.  

“For the body is not one member, but many.” 1 Corinthians 12:14

Because we truly believe excellence comes through repetition and preparation, a number of Master classes taught by working professionals in their industries will be offered throughout Year 2. understanding...

Year 3 - Knowledge


Knowing Technique

...and in knowledge and in all craftsmanship.

“A Craft isn’t a craft until it’s crafted.” -Fabiano Altamura

In Year 3, we start to integrate all we have learned with an emphasis on the classics. We believe that one of the core foundations of acting is found in classical plays, much like Ballet is the foundation of a good dance technique.

We will study techniques by Stanislavski, Hagen, Adler and others to expose you to the full gamut of techniques currently taught by masters in the craft.  We will also start to introduce public performances this year, along with classical master classes and on-camera training.



Year 4 - Performance


Performing In the Presence

Advanced training and performing in the Presence

Learn to “tread the boards” and put into practice all that you have learned over the last 3 years with performances in schools, churches, and theatres.  You will explore new writing, improvised pieces, and contemporary and classical plays and musicals. The year will culminate with a performance to industry professionals highlighting your unique and individual talents.  We will equip you with tools in marketing, auditioning, time management, and career guidance.

Beyond graduation BCA is committed to creating a community of pastoral and creative support for the artists in addition to an online network of industry relationships.

God has filled them with skill to perform…
Then the Lord showed me four craftsmen. I said, ‘What are these coming to do?’
— Zechariah 1:18-21

Break a leg, or should we say heal a leg!