Christus is an outdoor immersive theatrical experience following Christ’s last days on earth.  

Set in utopian 2104, the Occupation is using Artificial Intelligence to control the ideals and emotions of humankind simulating a false state of perfection.  Technology has made man, God. 

An uprising, led by a small faction, is gaining momentum, attempting to overthrow this “perfect society”. Will they succeed in liberating the people from this mind control? Or will they risk their lives in the process?

This piece is based on the Miracle Mystery Plays, a long-standing tradition in Europe since the Middle Ages. “Mystery Plays” retell the biblical journey from Creation to the Last Judgement.

Immerse yourself in a performance that promises to change your life.


Event Information

Opening Weekend: 4.3.19 - 4.11.19
Closing Weekend: 12.12 - 12.14

Location: TBA

Tickets: $25