Finding Your True Voice


With Jessica Soza

Words are very powerful.

Speaking is an action, and I used to think my voice worked independently. I would say things about my voice after singing I didn’t like, such as, “I don’t know why it does that.” My teacher once said to me, “You make it happen, it doesn’t exist independently from you.” The words we use to speak over each other and over ourselves also has impact on our emotions and thought life. Many actors or singers will come to me and say they can’t sing, or they can’t roll their r’s. I often reply with “Who said?” or “Have you tried?” They often realize they have partnered with a thought that isn’t true. After walking them through some repentance, I have them ask Holy Spirit what the truth is about their voice. Every time, Holy Spirit has something beautiful He wants us to know in how He created us to use our voices.


The Lord, has put me in an incredible position as a voice and acting teacher. I was afraid to teach most of my life because I didn’t want the responsibility of someone’s mind in my hands. Our words have the power to build someone up or tear them down. I use the authority I have as a teacher and the power in Christ Jesus, to rectify what may have been spoken over someone.  I guard what I say or think very closely. When I’m teaching voice, I use language that is non-judgmental, so a student can discover their own technique and become empowered without imposing my aesthetic or criticism. I guide them to finding their true voice the way God desires them to use it. To me this is the sword in His armor. His Spirit fused with my voice has the power to shape someone’s life.

Papa God, thank you for our voices. Holy Spirit, may you continue to teach us how to steward our words well. I pray everyone begins a path to discovering what their true voice is, regardless what anyone has said over them, I believe we were created to sing and speak life over each other. In Jesus name!

Jeremiah 1:9-10

“Look I have placed my words in you. You will know what to say now, for you will be My voice. This very day I appointed you to speak with MY authority over nations and kingdoms. Your word - My word - will have the power to uproot and stamp out; it will destroy and upend. And then your word - My word - will rebuild and plant anew.”  The Voice

Psalm 19:14

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, o Lord my strength and my redeemer.