In the shower

By Claire Altamura

The Father speaks to me in the shower. The other day I heard Him say, ”I’m changing the studio into a sanctuary. No longer will it be a place of seduction, but a place where I dwell.” In that moment, something wonderful happened. 

You see, I was needing clarity in where to focus my energy.  We had a year before BCA opened, and I felt overwhelmed. I found myself crying out, "Lord, show me where to start. Show me my next step!"  I heard Him say, very clearly  "From studio to sanctuary". Holding out His hand, He pulled me close. ‘This is your next step.  Follow My lead and let’s dance’.   

For a performing artist, the journey begins in the studio. The English Dictionary defines a studio as ‘a room or place for instruction or experimentation’. The studio is a place pregnant with creativity. The problem is, when this ‘room’ is in the wrong hands, it can breed comparison, self doubt and confusion, distorting our perception of the very art God placed in us.  No wonder many of us have laid it down.

What would happen, if we dared to believe the Father IS doing what He says He is doing?  Creating a safe haven, for artists to pick up their destinies and come out of hiding. 

What if we aligned ourselves with truth, allowing Him to shape us in the sanctuary, making space for Holy Spirit to invade every corner of the studio? Can you imagine a room pregnant with creativity? Artists FILLED with His Presence. What if?  

Declare with me:

    •       ‘This studio is a sanctuary. A place of safety, and a haven for my creativity’

    •       ‘For you bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life, the path that brings me to the overflowing joys of the exquisite and eternal pleasures of gazing upon your face’ Psalm 16:11(Passion Translation)

Redding Performing Arts