God has placed stories within you that only you can tell. Will you?

-David Noroña



Do you dream of writing movies? Are you called to tell His stories? What does it look like to hear God’s voice and to tell of His Kingdom through moving light?

Bethel Conservatory is proud to announce a new one-year screenwriting program taught by writer-director David Noroña. With almost 30 years in the entertainment industry as an actor and filmmaker, David teaches the craft of Kingdom storytelling, screenplay structure, and the keys to memorable characters and believable dialogue.

Over the course of just nine months, you will learn the technique and craft of Kingdom screenwriting, while developing and drafting your own original screenplay.

And unlike most screenwriting programs, BCA offers its writers creative-spiritual development, community, and connection with actors, dancers and filmmakers. Watch and hear your scripts come to life with conservatory trained actors and filmmakers.

Don’t just dream of writing that film. He’s entrusted stories to you that no one else will ever tell, unless you do.

Course Overview

The BCA Screenwriting program is for beginning and intermediate writers and advanced writers who want to integrate Kingdom values into their craft. Students will learn the technique and craft of Kingdom screenwriting, while developing and drafting their own original screenplay. Modules include Kingdom Storytelling, Story Structure, Screenwriting 1 & 2, and Writing Lab, which offers opportunities for writers to see student filmmakers bring their stories to life.

Schedule (Mon-Fri)
Classes between normal school hours of 8-4 pm. Approximately 10 hrs per week. Students will have ample time to work while in the program, but should allow reading and writing time outside of class.