Is BCA connected to BSSM?
Yes, BCA is a sister school of BSSM, and we work very closely together.

Can an International student join BCA?
We are currently in the process of applying to SEVIS so we can accept International students and expect this for Fall 2019. Please keep checking our website. You may have to do another year of BSSM, but that will be a bonus. The Advanced Dance Program accepts international students who are completing BSSM at the same time.

Can International students work?
Once we are approved by SEVIS a student on a F1 visa for over 12 months can obtain a working visa in the United States based on evidence of financial hardship.

Is BCA accredited?
Yes, our undergraduate programs are accredited through our university partner Visible Music College by TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools).

Who is Visible Music College?
Visible Music College is a Christian Music College based in Memphis, TN with locations also in Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Germany, Atascadero CA, and Redding CA.

How long is the BCA program?
Our degree is a 4-year program, including a year of BSSM Redding. For BSSM alumni, the program is 3 years. Our Certificate is a 2-year program including a year of BSSM Redding. For BSSM alumni, the program is 1 year.

Do I have to do BSSM Redding if I have already done another BSSM program?
Yes, other BSSM programs are not accepted into our program,  ONLY BSSM Redding is accepted.

How much is tuition at BCA?
The 2018-19 tuition is $19,500* per year for the bachelor's degree and $7,800* for the one year certificate. Prices are subject to change in future years. Any extra classes taken outside of conservatory hours will incur an extra charge. *This does not include housing, books or laptop.
Are financial aid and scholarships available?
Yes please check out our website for more details on Financial Aid. All accredited programs are eligible for Financial Aid. Partial scholarships may be available to a select number of students depending on their ability and financial situation. Scholarships are subject to terms and conditions.

Will we be able to take classes during BSSM?
Absolutely. Students are encouraged to take the BCA apprenticeship, a dance and drama AMT (Advanced Ministry Training), or at least one class a week at the Royal Arts Academy (Classes at RAA will require payment.)

Does BCA have a dress code?
Yes. Our students are required to wear all black, modest clothes that allow for mobility.  

Will you be introducing other arts forms?
As we get established, we will be concentrating purely on acting, dance, and musical theatre with masterclasses in storytelling, filmmaking, and creative writing. Our heart is to see the school grow into all that God has called it to be.

Will BCA help me to get into the Entertainment Industry?
BCA will prepare you to work towards a sustainable and successful career within the entertainment industry. Students, through auditions, internships, and taking advantage of opportunities while in school, may audition for various projects before and after graduation. Since the entertainment industry is so varied, our primary concern is to equip students to develop as great artists no matter their situation. A big part of college is the finding of one’s calling and preparing to be a leader in the world. Opportunities arise out of God’s timing, hard work, prayer, purpose, and Godly counsel. We believe BCA will help equip you whatever path you take.

Will I be able to work outside of school?
You can work. We strongly recommend that students work no more than 20 hours a week. We ask that students carefully budget their time, in order to devote attention to homework and rehearsal time.

I’d like to visit the school. Is this possible?
Of course! We love to have visitors. We have designated events throughout the school year where you can meet with staff and students and check out certain classes. If you are in the area during a time when we do not have events scheduled, please contact us and we will schedule a tour for you. Contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment admissions@bethelconservatory.com or click on the link to view our scheduled events.

Is there on campus housing?
BCA does not provide on-campus housing, the best way to look for housing is through the BSSM Housing Facebook Page