“You are perfectly cast in your life. I can't imagine anyone but you in the role. Go play.” 

-Lin-Manuel Miranda


The Journey

The BCA Musical Theatre major’s journey is a four-year program in partnership with BSSM Redding. All students are required to have attended a minimum of one year of BSSM. Building on a foundation of identity in Christ, years two and three are made up of formal and intensive training in acting led by spirit-filled professionals. The final and fourth year is a combination of performance, community outreach, and teaching.

We believe the Presence of God takes us beyond ourselves and to a place where words can’t contain the beauty we’ve found. The experience of the musical theatre artist is much the same: when mere dialogue is no longer enough, we must sing and dance.

In addition to the full acting curriculum, Musical Theatre performers receive additional training in classical ballet, theatrical dance styles, and vocal training. Simply think of it as acting plus voice and dance.

To engender empathy and create a world using only words is the closest thing we have to magic.

The Program

At BCA, we equip the musical theatre performer to create with God. Our curriculum is founded on the “actor first principle,” or the belief that Broadway performers must be trained to act through scene, song, and dance.  All musical theatre performers receive identical and rigorous training in acting, plus theatrical and classical training in dance and voice.

Program Distinctives

  • Pastoral oversight with focus on artist wellness and character development.

  • Cross-disciplinary Small Groups, where actors, dancers and musical theatre performers come together for accountability, community, guided discussion and creativity.

  • Weekly Revival Groups (large group) for spiritual, emotional and creative development.

  • Personal and Group Projects, where students explore their own creative voice in both traditional and new media platforms.

Year 1 - BSSM Redding

  • Foundation in identity and biblical principles

  • Understanding Kingdom and revival culture

  • Walking a supernatural lifestyle

  • Extra curricular classes in acting, dance and singing

Year 2 - BCA

  • Performing in the Presence

  • Theology of acting and storytelling

  • Dream Circle Technique

  • Foundational acting technique

  • Introduction to the history of musical theatre

  • Musical song and scene study

  • Weekly voice training

  • Weekly classes in theatrical dance (Broadway) and ballet

  • Master classes in tap, hip hop, stage combat, and mask work and more

Year 3 - BCA

  • Intermediate and advanced acting techniques

  • Classical work, including Shakespeare, Chekov, Ibsen and others.

  • Exploring other mainstream techniques, namely Stanislavsky, Hagen, Adler and more

  • Weekly voice training

  • Weekly Intermediate and advanced theatrical dance and ballet classes

  • Continued individual singing lessons and ensemble classes

  • Basic performance and outreach into the community

  • Audition technique and professional preparation

  • Master classes in tap, hip hop, stage combat, and mask work and more

Year 4 - BCA

  • Continued acting, dance and voice training
  • Performance and outreach

  • Teaching classes

  • Showcase preparation