“It’s communication. That’s what Theatre is all about.”

-Chita Rivera


Film & New Media Program

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BCA is thrilled to announce the launch of its Film & New Media Program for this coming Fall 2019.

The vision for the Film & New Media Program is a one-year intensive journey, which covers all three phases of production in an immersive, hands-on experience with working professionals and masters of their craft.

Learn all of the essentials of Pre-Production, including story, script and concept development; scheduling and budgeting; casting, location scouting and more.

Get real-world production experience shooting short film projects, while learning everything you need to know about lighting, blocking and capturing pristine video and sound.

Dive into post-production, learning to sculpt your story’s edit, sound and color.

Our working, professional faculty have decades of experience writing, producing and creating high-level narrative and documentary films like Bright Ones, Heart and Hands: Iraq, Unplanned, I Can Only Imagine and Jack Ryan. Their commercial client lists include major brands like Nike, Microsoft and Apple and award-winning labels like Bethel Music.

Our immersive program teaches you what you need to know when you need to know it, and it focuses on the practical essentials, but also on the history of the craft itself.

And unlike most film degrees, BCA’s Film and New Media program teaches you the craft of film and media alongside artists in the Bethel community. Create projects with high-level actors, dancers and writers, while watching the professionals working behind-the-scenes at Bethel TV, Bethel Music and Bethel Media. And grow spiritually in our weekly revival group.

You also get access to fun, educational volunteer opportunities with Bethel TV streaming, Bethel Music and Bethel Media.

No matter what kinds of stories you dream of telling — films, commercials, testimonies or music videos — learn to capture the Presence of God in a Kingdom culture from a spirit-filled faculty.

The next great wave of revival is coming through creatives like you. Space is limited. Sign up for BCA’s Film and New Media Program today!

Course Overview

  • 18 hours a week

  • Pre Production (story, script and concept development; scheduling and budgeting; casting, location scouting and more.)

  • Production (Sound, blocking, lighting, video)

  • Post production (Editing, sound, color)

  • Hands on experience in a Kingdom environment


How to Apply

  1. Fill out the form below(including paying the $35 fee)

  2. Someone from our team will reach out to you within 7 days

  3. That’s it!