“It’s communication. That’s what Theatre is all about.”

-Chita Rivera


Dance Major Coming Soon

The Journey

The BCA Dance Journey is a four-year program in partnership with BSSM. All students are required to have attended a minimum of one year of BSSM Redding. Building on a foundation of identity in Christ, years two and three are made up of formal and intensive training in dance led by spirit-filled professionals. The final and fourth year is a combination of performance, community outreach, and teaching.

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.
— Martha Graham

The Program

God is transforming the culture of dance, and it all starts in the studio. At BCA dancers will attain a level of excellence as they develop technique, style, musicality and choreographic skills resulting in a generation of brave and strong dancers who will occupy the world of dance for His Kingdom.

Year 1 - BSSM Redding

  • Foundation in identity and biblical principles

  • Understanding Kingdom and revival culture

  • Walking a supernatural lifestyle

  • Extra curricular classes in dancing

Year 2 - BCA

  • Foundational classical and contemporary dance techniques

  • Theology of dance 

  • Study of choreographer and repertoire 
  • Choreography and composition 
  • Electives in theatrical dance (jazz, hip hop and tap), acting and voice
  • Peer to peer performance classes
  • Guest masterclasses

Year 3 - BCA

  • Intermediate classical and contemporary dance techniques

  • Study of choreographers and repertoire

  • Choreography and composition
  • Performance and outreach in the community

  • Expanding on personal choreography

  • Guest masterclasses

  • Electives in theatrical dance, acting and voice

Year 4 - BCA

  • Advanced classical and contemporary dance techniques
  • Teaching classes
  • Performance and outreach

  • Audition technique and professional preparation
  • Showcase preparation

Program Distinctives

  • Pastoral oversight with focus on artist wellness and character development.

  • Cross-disciplinary Small Groups, where actors, dancers and musical theatre performers come together for accountability, community, guided discussion and creativity.

  • Weekly Revival Groups (large group) for spiritual, emotional and creative development.

  • Personal and Group Projects, where students explore their own creative voice in both traditional and new media platforms.

Company Dance

The Company major is for the dancer whose primary focus is classical ballet and contemporary dance with the goal to be working in a company. 

Curriculum Distinctives

  • Classical ballet: technique, pointe work and pas de deux
  • Contemporary dance: including Graham, Cunningham, and Limon techniques
  • Dance history and theory
  • Choreography and contact improvisation
  • Master classes taught by industry professionals