Audition Overview



General Audition Requirements & Instructions


Each major has specific requirements. Refer to them below and please read thoroughly


  • Please use the highest quality camera and audio at your disposal. High-quality smartphones and tablets are of course acceptable. The emphasis is on you, not the filming. Please do not include special effects. Simple is best.

  • Please make sure that your face and body are well lit and always visible. (Avoid filming in front of windows or with lights behind you.)

  • Ensure that sound is clear and that there is little to no background noise. (Ex.: Traffic, electronic buzzing, pets and children.)

  • Avoid cluttered rooms, backgrounds, or backdrops. Blank walls and clean spaces are best.

  • We encourage you to look your best. Hair, makeup and wardrobe should be both flattering and modest. Use best judgement. (See specific wardrobe notes for Dancers.)

  • Before each audition piece, please state the play, musical, or dance piece title and the character that you are playing (if applicable).

  • Each audition piece may be submitted as a separate video. No editing required.


  • All auditions should be uploaded to YouTube, kept "Unlisted," and shared only with BCA.

  • Please submit your YouTube link on your application here.

  • If you’re called back, follow up Skype/FaceTime callback interviews will be scheduled.

  • You may be given notes and adjustments for your callback during that call or by email.

  • If so, please submit a new callback audition incorporating all adjustments and feedback.

  • BCA will notify you as soon as possible.


The Actor's Audition



Acting General Instructions

Prepare two contrasting monologues, each approximately two minutes in length. One to two essential props are allowed, but less is always more. Remember, this is an audition, not a movie scene or a fully staged play. Be off book and memorized. All pieces should be published by established playwrights; no original monologues. Please choose characters that are within your age-range and that you could reasonably play. Please read the entire play or musical.

Individual Audition Videos

Each of the following videos may be submitted as a separate video. No editing is required.

  • 2 min. Introduction

    • State your name, age, background and training (if any), and short personal description, including brief, 30 second testimony.

  • 2 min. Modern or Contemporary Monologue

    • Written after 1956

    • Ex.: Miller, Mamet, O’Neill, Simon, Chekhov

  • 2 min. Classical Monologue

    • Ex.: Shakespeare, Moliere, Faust, Marlowe, Webster, Ford

  • Song

    • 16 bars of a song without accompaniment. It can be ANY song from any genre. A trained singing voice is NOT a requirement for admission.

  • Include resume and headshot (if available).

Note: One of the two monologues selected should be dramatic; the other should be comedic.